I am going to create a new ASP.NET application called “ImageDemo.” Open Visual Studio 2015 and click New Project and from the New Project window, you need to choose “ASP.NET Application” and give a name to the application.

It will open new windows for “New ASP.NET Project,” here you can choose from different type of templates. For example, you can choose Web Forms or MVC or Web API, etc. But we just need to choose the Web Forms as in the following:

Here I am going to take a very simple example for cascading dropdown in asp.net and it is selection of country, state and city.


ASP.NET page life cycle describes us how an ASP.NET page renders page control, how it renders in the browser, which type of events fire during the processing of the page.

This article will demonstrate about how to bind gridview in asp.net.

Hi.. How to Insert, Update, Delete and Select in Asp.Net GridView using Stored Procedure. Its a very interesting topic in Asp.Net. I am going to explain CRUD operation in Asp.Net GridView using stored procedure which contain all the query inside it. And I have used Asp.net Web form application to create this application.

n below Stored procedure I have mentioned all the query in one stored procedure like Select, Add, Update and Delete. All the Operation is based on Event or status which will send from Asp.Net page. 

ViewState is the method that is used in ASP.NET to preserve page and control value or we can say it is technique to persist the data of page or control value between round trips. It is one of the Client side state management technique. That is used in Asp.Net.

 As we know when a html page is rendered on browser after round trips then it lost their control value. But we can persist the page and control value during round trips using View State in asp.net.

In Asp.Net page, ViewState is automatically used to persist the information which can be preserved between post backs. So, ViewState is used to maintain the state of controls during page postbacks.

Repeater control is used to show a repeated list of items from data source like data table, database, xml file, list etc. in Asp.Net that are bound to the control.  Basically Asp.Net Repeater control is nothing but a container that shows the data from available data source in table format.Repeater control provides us a table layout. There are different types of template exists in Repeater.

Cookie is less memory space on web server that is used to store the small data. So, basically cookie is small text file that is created by web server and saved it by browser. It is used to store the small amount of data on the browser when someone is visiting a site using browser. The common purpose to use cookie is to remember the user who has already visited. So, It maintain the personal information on the client machine within the browser.

I will demonstrate you about session in asp.net. I will explain you why we use session and how to use in project. Session is a state management technique that is used to manage the state of a page or control throughout the application. So, I mean to say that using the session we can store the value and access it in another page or throughout the application.

In this article, I will show you how to bind dropdown using DDSLICK Jquery Plugin. Create a new Asp.net Project. Go to File Menu and choose New and choose Project. From the New Project Windows, choose Web < Asp.Net Web Application. Specify the name of the project and click to OK.

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