Delegate is as like as function pointer in C# but delegates are type safe. Delegate is an object that point to another method and method can be static or instance. It take arguments and return value. It takes reference to other methods. We can invoke or call the method through the delegate object. If you have got a chance to work with C++ or you will from C++ background then you definitely know about function pointer in C++.

This article will show how to insert bulk data in Oracle database using C#. Generally, we insert one record into the database, but sometimes, we want to insert numerous data into the database using one go. Today, we will see, two different ways for inserting bulk data into database table using C#.

As we know C# 6.0 introduced with Visual Studio 2015. There are several features introduced in several version of the C# like LINQ was introduced with C# 3.0, Dynamic feature was introduced with C# 4.0, Async and Await were introduced with C# 5.0 etc.

In C# 6.0, most focus on syntactical improvement rather than new feature to add on. These features will help us to write code faster and simple way.

As we know, JSON [JavaScript Object Notation] is a subset of JavaScript and is very lightweight data exchange format. Sometimes, we want to use such type of storage in a project from where we can access data very quickly. We do not want to go with creating connection and check connection availability and do not want to be dependent on another server because it’s time-consuming.

This article will demonstrate you about how to create thumbnail image from live Microsoft Office Documents and PDF documents.

This article offers you to understand how to convert any file to PDF format using Spire.Office and Spire.PDF. 

This type of error comes in the project when SQL connection and transaction are not handled properly in the project. You are doing some transaction in the code and let say by any reason the you suffer lost connection. Then it will throw this type of exception. 


This article will help you to understand about configuration files like web.config, app.config and machine.config. 

This article will explain what is delegate, why we use it and how many types of delegates with example.

Here we will discuss about difference between Singleton vs Static Class.

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